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Custom Soap Loaf

You choose the colors, the fragrance oil, and the design style, or you can leave it all up to me and sit back and relax while I create a one of a kind custom loaf of soap that can be cut into approximately 12- 3 oz or 6- 6 oz bars of soap. Addition of premium ingredients such as clays or botanicals or essential oils may add an additional charge.  Please understand that due to the nature of soapmaking, there is a minimum wait of 4-6 weeks cure time.


    Art soap is a handcrafted item and each bar is unique and will have variations in design from one bar to the next. Handmade soap can be softer than other soaps you might purchase and should not be left in a damp environment. It should be dried after each use and stored in a location away from moisture.


    There are no refunds available on soap products. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems that may arise.


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Gainesville FL

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